I write this blog as an individual, but also as a team member of Avoco Identity. From time to time there will be guest bloggers who will add to the depth and breadth of this blog with their own ideas, views and thoughts.

I have been thinking about digital or online identity now for a long while. Not just the technical aspects of what that entails, but the anthropology¬†behind the meaning of ‘identity’.

This blog has been setup to start discussion and discourse around, not only consumer based identities and their special requirements, but also, as our working lives change and become ever more merged with our ‘social’ lives, how this impacts on the use of our business and enterprise identity structures.

The whole use of the term identity, is in itself thwart with emotions. People can get quite animated around the subject area and I hope that as time progresses, we have many discussions around this facet of the industry – these things are as important as any technical aspects when confronting system design.

The blog will be a mix of design, human behaviour and technical aspects of online identity systems and all that entails.

This is after all a new era, we are all its vanguard and as such, we owe a debt to future generations, to at least try to get it right.

Lets evolve our identity…

susimageSusie Morrow: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/susan-morrow/0/b35/671


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